About K-one space

Laser light artist, light and environment formative artist / Keiichi Tanaka and Light mode artist / Erina Kashihara are the art unit that creating and exploring the universal beauty of light come from art and technology with light.


  • ・Wearable Tech Light Artist
  • ・A part-time tutor of Performing and Visual Arts, Obirin University and Kinjo Gakuin University.
  • ・Member of Japan Jewellery Designers Association
  • ・Member of International Glass Art Society

Designer and Artist of light costume and accessory

Erina Kashihara tried to make light costumes and accessories which change their aspects interactively by sensor through social existence and living signals of the people who wear her works. Her works are praised by all ages of people because she aims to create universal beauty beyond the age, gender, countries, ethics and religions and not affected by trends, on the other hand, uses modern technology.


  • ・Light installation artist
  • ・Professor of Performing and Visual Arts, Obrin University
  • ・Member of Japan Design Space Association

Producing the light space

Keiichi Tanaka has been producing the new form of light performance. His works have a wide range, Crane Illumination (in Tamagawa University) appeared on the top page of Yahoo Japan became a topic of conversation in 2014, also Mist Illumination is fantastical illumination in the mist and so on. He did light art concert in NY, Venezia, Firenze, collaborated with an electric music researcher Akira Takaoka, In 2017, he showed a strong presence of the leading laser artist by a large laser art installation at “Taro Okamoto and media art” exhibition in Taro Okamoto museum Kawasaki.